Brick Vastgoed

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  • Pagina voor beste restaurants in Eindhoven.
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Brick Vastgoed is a company that rents properties in and around Eindhoven. Their main target group are expats. STUDIO YDID has been asked to design and install (where needed) the different social media channels.

Following the design STUDIO YDID manages the channels as well. Regularly new properties are placed online and interesting tips are being shared. In the future we want to create a network where expats can find all the information they need to know about living in Eindhoven. Currently STUDIO YDID is for example working on a restaurant tip page for Facebook.

The last project has been to design a Facebook page with the 14 best restaurants in Eindhoven. You can find all the restaurants with their data. You can view the page at: *14 best restaurants*